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Zack Fink
"SureWrist is a wonderful training aid that helped my students keep the left wrist flat through impact to trap the ball better.  It even helped me too."

Zack Fink, PGA Professional
Owner, Rollandia Golf Center
Dayton, OH

"I have been practicing with the Sure Wrist for a couple of weeks and it is helping me address two of my chronic problems.  I have had a tendency to break my wrists while putting and to do the same too early on chips.  Knowing the problem and solving it are two different things.  Sure Wrist has made my practices very efficient.  Repetitive practice with the device has led to much more consistent putting and chipping in actual play.  Hard to believe that such a simple invention can lead to such remarkable results, but it does."

Lee Hess
Columbus, OH

“SureWrist helped me feel what it’s like to putt like a pro.  When I put it on and focus on keeping its pressure to my forearm constant, I immediately hit my putts more solidly and straighter.  The feeling of using my core to swing the putter is a brand new sensation to me, and I like it!”

Dayton, OH

"My son has one. I saw him using it on the course many times.

He originally got it to help with his slice. It seems to do the trick. Now he's hitting a draw with occasional pulls. I've also noticed that his short game got quite a bit better with it. He used to chunk/blade a couple of shots a round but seldom does it now. ..."

DeanB on TheSandTrap Forum

"Every since I began golfing I have struggled with a bent wrist and thus no turnover on follow through. That is until now. With this training aid in just a few swings my swing has tremendously improved. And putting stroke. Thank you."

Linda Gravett
Beavercreek, OH

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