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Teaching Pro:
Have you ever wanted something that can remind your student what he/she needs to work on during a practice round or on the range?  SureWrist is the perfect vehicle for that.

All you need are some Avery 6490 labels (or other brands of the same size).  Write or print your notes on the label, then stick it onto your student’s SureWrist as shown on the right.  After every lesson, you replace the old label with a new one that captures the new focus areas you want your student to work on.

Click here to download the template we used in the picture.  You can easily edit it with Microsoft Word.
Pro can leave notes on SureWrist
With your name, number, and e-mail on the label, your students will be essentially wearing your business card on the golf course.  Their playing partners and other golfers on the range (i.e. potential students) will be curious about what they see and inquire about it.  A perfect way to promoting your business while helping your students!

If you are ordering more than 10, click here to send us an e-mail on the quantity.  You will receive an invoice with volume discount pricing and a link to capture your shipping address and to process the payment.  We ship USPS Priority Mail that usually arrives in 1-3 days after leaving our warehouse.
SureWrist with Rollandia logo
Are you organizing a golf outing/event?  Do you run a golf school or summer camp?  Are you in corporate marketing?  Looking for the most effective promotional products?  Tired of those company logoed golf balls that people are bound to lose?  (The size of the logo is also quite small, making it difficult to see if you are not right next to it.)

Now you can give them SureWrist instead.  Day in and day out, SureWrist improves their golf game while prominently promoting your company (see picture on the left).  The printable area of SureWrist measured 2” x 2-5/8” and can display any color, text, or graphics. 

Contact us by clicking here if you are interested.

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