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How SureWrist Works
Design Principles
SureWrist is designed to function like an electric dog collar instead of a brick wall (or a straitjacket).  It provides you with feedback by increasing resistance if you try to cup your wrist.  But it does not completely stop you from cupping like some other wrist training devices do. Here is why:
  1. If you have a neutral or strong grip, your lead wrist will have some cupping at address (see upper right picture).  Check out the face-on pictures of most the pros in golf magazines.  SureWrist bends a little to accommodate this.
  2. Cupping of the lead wrist at finish (see lower right picture) is correct and desirable for a full swing.  Just turn on your TV and watch any player on the Tours or look at them in magazines.  SureWrist pops and gives so you can finish properly.  If SureWrist was completely rigid and you tried to finish properly, it would hurt big time.
  3. It’s more effective.  We learn best by being aware of the right and wrong positions and train ourselves to self-correct.   The feedback SureWrist offers lets you do exactly that.  In the end, a training device is only for training and cannot be used as a permanent crutch.  You have to remove it in the real world (such as in a competition or in a friendly money game).  Just like riding on a tricycle won't teach you how to balance on a bike, we believe devices that completely prohibit any cupping are less effective than SureWrist in helping you learn the proper wrist positions.
Strong or neutral grip
Proper wrist finish
General tips on using SureWrist
  1. Rub and press SureWrist against the Velcro on the back of your glove a few times to make it stick better.
  2. A snug fitting glove is recommended for SureWrist to bend and pop properly.
  3. When removing the glove, detach the flap of the glove from the top of SureWrist.  Leave SureWrist attached to the back of your glove as shown in the picture on the left so you don't have to realign it every time.
  4. There are ways to temperarily increase the resistancce from SureWrist.  See this answer in the FAQ page.
For putting

     Putting face on
  1. Assume address position; line SureWrist up with the forearm then attach it to your glove (see picture on the right).
  2. Wear the glove loosely so you can feel the top edge of SureWrist pressing against your forearm as shown on the left.
  3. Make putting strokes while maintaining the same amount of pressure throughout. This will take the hands out of your putts just like the pros do.  You will immediately make more solid contact with better accuracy and consistency.

Putting down the line
For chipping and pitching

    Chip and pitch face on
  1. Assume impact position; line SureWrist up with forearm (pitcure on the right).
  2. Wear the glove snuggly.
  3. Make sure that the pressure SureWrist exerts on your forearm does not increase throughout the swing. This will ensure that you don’t flip your hands as shown in the picture on the right.

Chipping and pitching face on
For full swing
We recommend you start with slow practice swings, then full speed practice swings, then hitting balls.  Starting with half swings can also help ingrain the correct feel and will speeds up your learning.
To work on the wrist position in the impact zone

Wrist positon for impact on a full swing is very similar to that for pitching.  Just follow the alignment and instruction in the chipping and pitching section above. If you want to significantly deloft the club and add lag to your swing, try keeping SureWrist away from your forearm until after the impact zone as shown in the picture on the right.
Significant deloft
      To work on the wrist position at the top of your backswing

      SW alignment for top of backswing
  1. Go to the top of your backswing and assume a flat left wrist position; line SureWrist up with forearm.  See picture on the left.
  2. Wear the glove snuggly.
  3. It’s normal to feel SureWrist press against you at address.  This is especially true for people with a strong grip. 
  4. If you slice, make sure that SureWrist does not press much against you at the top of your backswing.  The less it presses, the more your ball will draw.  Some heavy slicers require that SureWrist does not touch at all to eliminate their slice (upper right picture).
  5. If you hook, make sure SureWrist presses against you at the top.  Some people require that SureWrist be bent some at the top to fight the hook (lower right picture)
bow left wrist at top

Cupped left wrist at top
On the course
You can play with SureWrist on the golf course.  Attach SureWrist to your glove in the position that helps the specific area you want to focus on.  If you don’t have a specific focus area, attach SureWrist in a neutral position (picture on the right) between the  alignments for the impact zone and for the top of backswing.  It will give you feedback on all the shots.

Try wearing SureWrist for 3 holes on, 3 holes off and so on.  Feel the difference in your swings and see the difference in your scores. 
SureWrist attached neutrally

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