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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SureWrist work with all the golf gloves?
It works with 99% of them.  Out of all the gloves we've seen, there is only one winter glove that wouldn't work with SureWrist because the hook and loop Velcro strips on that glove were reversed.

Are there ways to make SureWrist stiffer to provide more feedback?
If you absolutely can’t feel anything, you can temporarily increase the feedback by wearing SureWrist between the glove and your hand or by wrapping a rubber band on top of it as shown in the pictures on the right.

SureWrist will be much harder to bend over.  And if you do cup your wrist, it will dig into your hand much more.  We only recommend using SureWrist this way when you know for sure you can control your wrist action to avoid any injury.  E.g. Don’t wear it this way when practicing full swing since the momentum of the swing will make you cup your wrist at the finish.  Please check your hand after each swing. 

SureWrist is designed to function like an electric dog collar instead of a straitjacket.  The pressure it generates should be enough to give you feedback but is not intended to prevent you from assuming the wrong position.
Wear SureWrist underneath a glove

SureWrist with rubber band

Can I use SureWrist without a glove?
Yes, you can.  We understand people may prefer practicing putting and chipping without a glove.  SureWrist can be worn below a suitable wrist band (like a wrist watch as shown in the picture on the right). 

Please note that SureWrist becomes very rigid when you wear it this way.  Not only it will be much less likely to give when pushed, its leading edge will also dig into the back of your hand hard even if you only cup your wrist slightly.  Since there is no glove between SureWrist and your skin to provide cushioning, you should only use SureWrist this way when you know you can control your wrist action to avoid any injury. 

We are also researching a version of SureWrist with an integrated wrist band for people who don’t like gloves.  If you think it’s a good idea, please click here to let us know.   The more votes we receive, the more likely we will bring it to the market.

SureWrist under a wrist watch

Can I reposition the Velcro strips on SureWrist?
No.  The Velcro strips are bonded to SureWrist with extremely strong industrial glue.  Attempting to remove them will likely break SureWrist.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee if I return the product?
Yes, there is a 30-day guarantee. You may return the product within 30 days of receiving it for a refund for any reason. Please e-mail us first to obtain a return authorization number.  Once returned, we will refund you the purchase price, minus shipping and handling charges. Please note if the packaging or SureWrist itself show any wear and tear, the return is subject to a $7.00 restocking fee. You are responsible for mailing the product back.

How did SureWrist come about?
The idea of SureWrist was born out of a conversation between Shan and Jim Rue concerning a method for reminding a student of key teaching points while he or she is playing or practicing.  Shan followed up with the idea of a device attached to the golf glove that not only can hold the teaching points in note form, but can also help the golfer in maintaining a flat wrist.  The wrist assistance became the main focus of the project.

Many prototypes were made out of
special materials and common household items.  A couple of months later, one particular prototype made from a shampoo bottle was tested and got very good reviews.  A provisional patent was filed and the engineering process to make it a product ensued.  Over the following year, significant funding and effort were expended in trying out different injection molds (we tried 3 different geometries) and a wide variety of materials.  
SureWrist prototypes
While SureWrist may look like a simple piece of plastic, it is actually extraordinarily challenging to engineer.  Making a piece of rigid plastic is very easy and cheap; making one that can bend thousands of times without losing its original shape and elasticity is extremely difficult and costly. 

PET, ABS, Vinyl, Nylon, medical grade thermoplastics, various speciality polymers, PC/PBT, and many combinations of the above were tested.  Resin processing before and during mold injection significantly affected product outcome, adding to the complexity of research and development.  The picture above shows a small sample of the ones we tried and tested.  Shan even traveled to Asia to seek advice from a well-known injection molding expert who automakers often consult with on bumpers.  Finally, a suitable combination of shape, resins, and processing parameters was found.  Formal patents were filed and SureWrist was brought to life.  Even though the manufacturing cost is 4-5 times higher than in Asia, we decided to do everything in the USA for quality and speed to market. 

There you have it: the story of SureWrist.

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