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The most effective training aid for your game from putting to full swing
"Played 9 holes with SureWrist. Couldn't use it for full 18 because we had a couple of money games going on and my partners insisted that I took it off for the back nine.  I made 3 putts that I usually wouldn't make and chipped two of them super close.... It's hard to believe that SureWrist already paid for itself in one round!"
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wrist breakdown The Problem
Breaking down of the lead wrist before and during the impact is the number one problem for most golfers. If you study any Tour player you will notice that they maintain a flat wrist through impact and their hands are a few inches in front of the ball. On the other hand, a high-handicapper's wrist will break or collapse through the impact zone (see picture on the left) causing thin, fat, sculled shots and lost of distance. Such breakdown is also common in putting, chipping, and pitching resulting in many misses.

The Solution: SureWrist
Easily attached to any glove, SureWrist (first pictured on the right) promotes a flat lead wrist through impact (picture on the far right).

You will learn to feel what the tour pros feel.  Using SureWrist on the practice range and on the golf course ingrains the true sensation and the feeling of the correct wrist angles in your brain and muscles.

You will enjoy the feeling of solid contacts on the sweet spot and gain much better accuracy in your putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing.
SureWrist Vertical   No breakdown with SureWrist

Before SureWristBefore
SureWrist not only improves the wrist and shaft angles at impact, it also encourages proper weight shift and hip turn.

Compare the  impact position without SureWrist on the left to the impact position with it on the right.  Notice the disappearance of the chicken wing too.
After SureWrist

Cupped left wrist at the top
Do you slice?
Excessive cupping of the lead wrist at the top of the backswing is a common cause of slicing.  Such cupping fans open the club face and encourages an out-to-in downswing path—the recipe for a slice. 

SureWrist helps you maintain a flat lead wrist that will not only cure your slice but also add power and accuracy. 
Flat left wrist at top  

Do you have putting Yips?
SureWrist helps cure yips since it eliminates the anxiety of impact by redirecting the attention elsewhere.  It also keeps your hands from even the minutest flipping for solid and confident impact.
For less than the price of a box of golf balls, SureWrist lets you
  • Make solid contact and enjoy the sensation of compressing the ball
  • Hit it longer and more accurately
  • Cure your slices (and hooks too)
  • Pitch and chip it closer and make more putts like the pros
  • Properly address the ball and finish your swing (see details in the How it Works page)
  • Use it on the course and on the practice range
  • Have complete freedom when you hinge your wrist properly (see pictures on the right) instead of cupping
  • Use your own glove
Hinge up Hinge down

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